We’re hoping to see you all tomorrow morning, ready for a day of workshops that will culminate in a hackathon followed by a well deserved beer. Perhaps even a walk downtown after the beer to see an exhibit of multimedia installations. And then there’s Saturday!  Here in Providence, we’re getting ready and trying to make sure that all will go swimmingly. Here are some things that will help you prepare.

It’s all on the website – All information is on the site – parking, locations, session proposals, schedules. Look it over. If you need more information on something, make a comment, tweet a question. Please look over the Workshop page before Friday!


  1. Have you updated your profile? Looked at the other profiles?
  2. Have you made a session proposal? There’s still time – until Saturday at 9am. [See step by step instructions if you are having doubts!}
  3. Have you thought about doing a Lightning Talk? No need to sign up now, you can get in line on Saturday morning. They’re short, sweet, and a great way to get your work or ideas out there. 2 minutes.
  4. Workshops – any suggested preparations are linked from the Workshop description, take a look and download the necessaries for the workshop(s) you are interested in.
  5. Bring a rain jacket. We’ll be walking around. Forecast for warm, but rainy. Check the forecast on Wunderground or the National Weather Service.
  6. Parking: See “Around Brown” page also “Locations” page.
  7. Are you on Twitter? That’s the best way to see what’s going on in other sessions/workshops, ask questions, see where everyone’s going for lunch… [Is Twitter new territory? Maybe that’s a session proposal right there!] Our Twitter hashtag is #thatcampne.

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