Lightning Talks (Dork Shorts)

Tell us about your project, the great tools or apps that make your life worth living or anything that you think is relevant and worth telling about. You have two minutes, one topic, and you get to use one URL No Powerpoint, no time to load anything, no USB sticks.

We’ll have a round of lightning talks during the opening session. If you’d like to present, sign up by adding a comment below. Enter the URL you’d like to use in the comment as well, if you want to save time.  You can also decide to present on Saturday morning.

Give it a shot, Dork Shorts are fun.

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About Elli Mylonas

Senior Digital Humanities Librarian and former classicist, and in the Center for Digital Scholarship where I work on digital humanities projects. Generally a text-based life form, but flirts with spatial and visual symbolic representations.

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  1. rweberling says:

    I was trying to make an interactive version of the syllabus for my World Literature class using Neatline/Omeka (the course gimmick is “Literature in the City”). After spending a bit too much of my own time plugging in data and figuring out how to work Neatline (it is still a bit finicky in places), I realized:

    Why in the world am I not having my current students create this resource for themselves—and for those who will be taking the course in the future? DH duh. So that’s one in-class project we’ll be starting in the weeks to come.

  2. Jadrian says:

    I made an interactive art installation, Fibbly, that also serves as a mathematical research tool, and I’ve used it for elementary education outreach, too. It’s not very DH-ey, but it’s cool and digital and I’ve had surprising success engaging young people with it too.

    Hopefully the presentation machine will be running a good browser on a Mac or Linux system; Fibbly seems to choke on Windows.

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  4. I’m currently interested in extremely short fiction, like 6 word stories, and using Twitter as a storytelling medium. 140MAX was recently held in Quebec, the Guardian challenged authors to write 140 character novels. Today Twitter announced it’s having a 5 day twitter fiction festival #twitterfiction

    Short poetry (haiku, even limericks) works because of the built in formalism and ability for wordplay. Is 140 character prose effective?

  5. I will talk about representative corpora.

  6. James says:

    I can do a quick demo of some software I’m developing:

  7. Tim Lindgren says:

    I can talk about MediaKron, an online tool for presenting and exploring multimedia course content, developed at Boston College

  8. Tim Lindgren says:

    Forgot to post the link to MediaKron Page:

  9. Rebecca says:

    A regional digital humanities events calendar

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