Notes from “Regular Expressions, Text Processing, and Web Scraping” Workshop

I thought I would share the notes I took this morning during Jadrian Miles’ excellent workshop Regular Expressions, Text Processing, and Web Scraping. The notes include the a key to general RE commands, annotations on lines from the python scripts we used in the workshop (available here:, and annotated versions of some of the regular expressions we entered directly into the command line. There are also links to the RE tutorials Jadrian recommended.

Hopefully these will be a useful reference to others who attended the workshop, and maybe even peak the interest of those who weren’t there!

Regular Expressions Notes

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  1. Jadrian says:

    Thanks Emily! I’m currently working on thoroughly annotating the full transcript of the commands I typed into the terminal during the workshop. This includes all the regular expression examples, the demonstration of the Pitchfork scraper, and the word-frequency stuff we did at the end with the Latin document someone volunteered. That’ll be posted, along with some other goodies, on the workshop web page once I’m finished.

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