Around Brown

THATCamp New England will be held at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Workshops on Friday, Oct. 19th will be held in seminar rooms around campus.  [Workshop Page]

Sessions on Saturday, Oct. 20 will take place in the Smith Buonanno building on the Pembroke campus. We will open with breakfast, coffee and registration, followed by the opening plenary session complete with lightning talks and the selection of sessions and room assignments.

Lunches and Dinners: You will be on your own for lunch on Friday. Thayer St., next to the Brown campus has a variety of restaurants and the occasional food truck. A slightly longer walk takes you downtown to more restaurants and food trucks. Let’s see how the weather shapes up! Food truck locations from the Providence Journal and from Roaming Hunger. Lunch is provided on Saturday.

There will be an opportunity to go out for socializing after the Workshop-hackathon on Friday, and again on Saturday. There is a range of restaurants for dinner within walking distance of Brown.

Parking: Weekday parking is difficult around Brown. There is a paid lot at the corner of Brook and Waterman Streets, but as this is Family Weekend, it may be full. On-street parking close to Brown tends to have various restrictions – either it is 2 hour parking, which means you have to move your car, or it is forbidden until 10am. Parking tickets in Providence are usually $25. You can find all day parking if you park a little further away. There are all day spots on Gano and Ives St, south of Waterman St., also Manning and other streets parallel to it; on Barnes St, west of Hope St.; on Brown St, north of Meeting St. The earlier you park, the more likely you are to find an all day spot close to Brown.

We will ask the workshops to start at 10:05, so if you get a two hour spot and want to move your car when the all day spots open up, you won’t be late. There are lots of 10am spots on the Bowen, Lloyd and Keene Sts. but you have to be ready to move in at 10am pronto. It’s like a ballet…

See the map, there are some possible parking locations marked. The red lines are all day spots, the blue lines all day after 10am. Locations are approximate.

Saturday will also be crowded, due to Family Weekend events. There will be more spots nearer campus if you arrive early, and some of the spots that are restricted until 10am will be available on the weekend. However, the parking lots will be open to accommodate the parents, and we can also take advantage of that. The Family Weekend site has a map of available lots on Saturday. Note that two lots, (57 and 71) are not open to general parking.

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