Anke Finger


My work has focused on modernism, literature and other arts, aesthetics, media studies, interculturality, and everyday life theories and practices. My "object" of study for a long time now has been the idea of the total artwork, and the most recent product (with Danielle Follett) is a collection of critical essays entitled _The Aesthetics of the Total Artwork: On Borders and Fragments_ (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011). I am co-founder (with Rainer Guldin, Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano) of _Flusser Studies_, an online journal of media theory and culture. And I now find total artwork versions in electronic literature, intermedia arts/electronic art, and in philosophical discussion on aesthetics and perception. The latest passion/fascination is intersensory perception and the body as medium, and I am following Brian Massumi's work and the senselab. My colleague, with whom I write a blog, has tried to get me interested in video games, but it hasn't worked quite yet... Maybe THATcamp will help?