Sally Gabb

  • Developmental Reading Specialist, adjunct professor, developmental reading
  • Bristol Community College

I have worked for 40 years as an adult literacy specialist, and have seen the increasing effects of digital communication on the reading engagement and critical comprehension skills of students entering the community college. I have explored numerous digital support programs for literacy development as well as discussions of integrating technology into instruction, and understanding cognitive changes being brought about by increased digital communications.

I am not a computer game player - so Galaga, like all the warcraft games, is a mystery to me. I feel Nicholas Carr hits the nail on the head (the icon on the target) in his discussion of technology and its effects on the brain. I relate to the work of cognitive psychologist and brain researcher Janet Zadina who uses technology to enhance our knowledge of the brain, and of course have revered the work of Marshall McLuhan as a prophet concerning media and human communication. I believe we need to understand where technology is taking us/ our brains so that we can respond as educators and thinkers to the challenges of this new world.