Michael Budd

  • Professor
  • Salve Regina University
  • Website: salve.edu

Apart from my academic background I have worked as a Learning Architect for a Learning Management and Web Development company, and have experience in professional development, electronic knowledge management and network based program building/instruction for non-profits. My first experience as a teacher was as an instructor in student initiated courses as an undergraduate. I went on to teach ESL and US Citizenship History right after college. I next worked for ECO-Northwest an economic & resource planning firm, which played an important role in recovery efforts following the Mount St. Helen’s Eruption disaster. Before graduate school, I did stints in radio and newspaper editorial and publicity including work at the Village Voice when there were still typewriters in the newsroom. During graduate school at Rutgers, I was a fellow at the Center for the Critical Analysis of Contemporary Culture, I also taught composition and held my first academic computing position with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. At Bradford College (1995-2000) I taught History and Politics attaining associate professor rank. I next became a program associate for technology at Facing History and Ourselves Foundation (2000-02) where I helped build & administer a new website/online campus, and facilitated rollout of infrastructures for e-meetings and groupware. I have been an lecturer in HPSS and Art History at Rhode Island School of Design since 1990. In 2004 I was appointed associate professor in the Salve Regina University Humanities and Technology Doctoral Program. I am presently Professor of History and director of the Humanities MA/PhD director at Salve Regina University. Publications include "The Sculpture Machine: Physical Culture and Body Politics in the Age of Empire" (1997); "Cities & Bodies: Classical & Fascist Imaginaries in the Machine Age," IJH (2007); "From Heroic Retribution to Civilized Violence: Victorian Images of War & the Making of General Gordon" Les Cahiers Victoriens et Edouardiens, (2007). I have written for scholarly and popular venues, including Webguide, City Limits, International Journal of Sport History, and Afterimage. My current scholarly research focuses on global consumer identity and the national body in relation to technology, memory, violence & authoritarian ideas. Other teaching and research areas include the history of violence and revolution, Imperialism,historical film, Museum Studies, Art & the Machine, Urban History, Genocide studies, military history & technology. My graduate students are much more interested in Žižek than I am - like Paul Virilio and Carr he is a little bit right about a lot of things concerning our shared traditional notions of humanity as they collide with our technological marvels and prosthetic creations. I have played Galaga but I prefer to waste my time online reblogging stuff on Tumblr.