Fotini Kondyli

  • Post-doc researcher
  • Brown University

I have a PhD in Byzantine Archaeology, currently working as a post doctoral researcher in Archaeology at Brown University. I work in the Eastern Mediterranean and I deal both with archaeological material and archival sources. At my last position at Leiden University I was asked to create a database and organize a large set of data coming from four massive archaeological sites so I was faced with questions regarding a systematic and coherent system of recording, providing access to all collaborators and storing the data-set. Currently I am working on a new project that will use notebooks, old maps and photos from an old excavation, that need to be digitized and managed and eventually make them accessible to a wider audience. Coming from a very traditional type of archaeology where people are still hesitant to embrace the digital era and very concerned with keeping their data locked in their office cabinets, I hope that digital humanities will encourage my generation of Byzantine archaeologists to be more open and generous in data sharing and more efficient and considerate in storing and managing archaeological data. And I wish to play my role in it by getting trained and informed about the possibilities within the digital humanities.