Susanna Cowan


PhD in English. Came to librarianship as second career--still teach annually a literature course. Oversee a team deeply involved "all things undergraduate" with relation to the library, to use of technology, to learning spaces (esp. as technology enhances them!). We run an annual tech survey of undergrads and have been using new ethnographic approaches to asses (through filmed interviews and more) how students learn, especially with regard to technologies they use regularly. Interest in Digital Humanities--am on a DigHum working group--work closely with colleagues in Map and Geographic Information Center (MAGIC) at UConn Libraries. In discussion about DigHum at UConn and possibility of Media Center (by some other name?) in Library in next year or so. Have no off-the-cuff thoughts about Nicholas Carr or the brilliant Slavoj Žižek (except to note that he's brilliant), but am (like everyone?) a fan of TedTalks and folks who are describing the world we live in and imagining the one to come. Very much like Steven Bell, new leader of American Library Association's ACRL because--at last--they have a thinker and a troublemaker in the office (@blendedlib). Fan also of Brian "one t" Mathews -- again for his eloquent button pushing (@brianmathews). Don't like shooting games (Quaker in me) but addicted to Four Elements and Atlantis apps from PlayRix...I like active puzzles). Can't live without: Evernote.