Cira Brown


I am fascinated by informal pedagogy and experiential design - ranging from standalone infographics to multi-sensory museum interactives to digital archives and exhibitions. Nothing excites me more than the craft of interpreting and presenting information for wide audiences.

Presently, I am enrolled in the Museum Education graduate program at Tufts University. Effective museum education is a mish-mash of different disciplines, and my strategy has been to gain as much experience as possible to prepare me for the field. I am currently the exhibit development intern at the Museum of Science, the web development intern at the OpenDocumentary Lab at MIT, and a floor presentation affiliate at the MIT Museum. I also teach 3 classes for teenaged students at the Worcester Area Think Tank once a week.

Additionally, I am the principal and owner of a print and digital media design business and take on projects when time allows. My base is at Artisan's Asylum, a community-run craft studio and fabrication space in Somerville, MA.

I deeply value the public understanding of science. My historical research focuses on the impact of science in society during the early-to-mid 20th Century - particularly the eras of the Jet Age, the Atomic Age and the Space Age. My work has examined the cultural impact of these technological accelerations and the resultant changes to media climates and public attitudes about science.

Regarding Žižek: That is all.