Which (DHish) Blogs, #hashtags and Podcasts do you follow?

I follow a set of bloggers on DH, I read Humanist, I try to catch up on Digital Library discussions, not to mention listening to the Digital Classicist, MITH and Scholars Lab, podcasts as I walk to work in the morning.  There there are all the people I follow on Twitter. Well, ok, I read, listen and follow to other topics as well, but a lot of timely information and energetic discussion comes to me in these formats. DHNow aggregates a lot of blogs, but what about podcasts? Which ones do you listen to? What else is out there?

A great outcome of this discussion might be a list of suggestions, but we should all at least discover some new material to follow.

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About Elli Mylonas

Senior Digital Humanities Librarian and former classicist, and in the Center for Digital Scholarship where I work on digital humanities projects. Generally a text-based life form, but flirts with spatial and visual symbolic representations.

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  1. Julie Swierczek says:

    I would be interested in a session on these resources, too.

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