Where are all the artists?

What excludes visual artists + designers from digital humanities discourses? Is it an external view of art + design as a surface activity, applied only after research, development and conceptualization? Is it a lack of interest from within art + design to engage in humanities-based thinking, despite traditional practices’ inherent connections with historical and text-based content? Is computer programming and data-mining too unattractive, despite contemporary art + design’s intimate relationship with the digital media and the web? What are some examples of collaborations within the digital humanities that have included artists + designers? What knowledges can artists + designers bring to the digital humanities? What can the digital humanities bring to art + design practice?

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About papaelia

I have a BA in English Cultural Studies from McGill University and an MFA in Intermedia Design from SUNY New Paltz. My research interests and creative works are situated at the intersection between design, technology and culture. In Summer 2013, I participated in the NEH-funded One Week One Tool at RRCHNM where we created Serendip-o-matic, the serendipitous search engine. I will be serving as a co-guest editor for an upcoming special issue of the journal, Visible Language, entitled: "Critical Making: Graphic Design and the Digital Humanities" (CFP coming soon!).