Time to Propose a Session

Here is how THATCamp works. Other than the workshops, we don’t have anything planned—you’re the ones who do the planning. Over the next two weeks you should post your session ideas to the THATCamp NE website. Also over the next two weeks, you should read other people’s proposals and comment on them if you wish. On Saturday morning, everyone will get to vote for the sessions you want to participate in, which will then become our schedule for the rest of the day.

Obviously this works better if more people propose sessions that they’ve put some thought into. Here’s what makes for a good session proposal:

  • It’s NOT a paper, or a talk, or a lecture, but an idea for a conversation.
  • It proposes a topic related to technology and humanities that a group of people can discuss in an hour or so.
  • And ideally, the session will produce something useful: a list of resources, or some hacked code, or a syllabus. Don’t forget THATCamp Proceedings.

There are more ideas and guidelines on the THATCamp website.

So please visit the list of session proposals, then add yours with your login to WordPress by  Just log in with your username and password, and add a blog post to the category “Session Proposals.”


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About Elli Mylonas

Senior Digital Humanities Librarian and former classicist, and in the Center for Digital Scholarship where I work on digital humanities projects. Generally a text-based life form, but flirts with spatial and visual symbolic representations.

2 Responses to Time to Propose a Session

  1. Deb Sarlin says:

    Something along these line could be really helpful….
    what are
    -the pros and cons of building with Drupal
    -the pros and cons of building with Omeka
    -the pros and cons of plone
    … or Radiant or WordPress..
    how are these tools different, the same, and worthwhile or not for specific projects?
    -what are the best-case-scenario use-cases for each of the above that we could collaboratively share and collect? …is there already a place/space that does that well (beyond www.arts-humanities.net/tools or BambooDIRT that are great, but don’t really help me cluster the tool sets or project lists in ways that particularly help….)

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