Digital Media Content Production and Storytelling

I am interested in integrating online digital media into the storytelling process for Journalism students. My focus is on applying Journalism skills using video, audio, photography, interactive design and social media tools. Identifying the qualities of each media and applying them appropriately to individual stories.

However, not everyone is interested in such a narrow focus, so I’d like to share ideas and experiences on the topic of digital media/social media storytelling in general, as well as in depth.

The production skills for these tools are quite dense and I want to present them in such a way that students aren’t unevenly burdened with the technical process at the expense of the storytelling process.

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About paul.lyzun

I am interested in creative storytelling and I'm not particular to any media. I have worked as a potter, high school and college teacher, silkscreen artist, corporate training, digital prepress and documentary filmmaker. I'm very suspicious of technology as a panacea for cultural and social ills, but I believe very strongly that computers are powerfully enabling tools for individuals. I'm always fascinated by ways in which people can combine seemingly disparate media, materials and ideas that result in some kind of insight.

6 Responses to Digital Media Content Production and Storytelling

  1. Emily Strong says:

    This sounds like a fantastic session! I would like to second this idea, particularly as it is not specific to video production. Many of the digital storytelling resources and projects I have encountered are specific to video methods, but there is a plethora of other mediums that can be used for storytelling. Sharing ideas for tools that are free or easy to use would also be helpful.

  2. Adam Deyo says:

    I am also very interested in this session and hope to attend. Thanks for posting.

  3. Erin Murphy says:

    I am very interested in this session also!

  4. paul.lyzun says:

    Thanks for the encouragement everybody. I’m interested in knowing if there are specific media you’re curious about using in story telling. For (a non-exhaustive) example, have you done any audio podcasts, screencasts, any kind of animation or used a more recent social media tool such as Facebook, twitter, foursquare to tell a story?

  5. Paul et al – I haven’t done any digital story telling projects, but am interested in learning about tools, and brainstorming out from a digital storytelling project to think about how it might connect to a broader community engagement strategy at a museum or a university.

  6. anke says:

    Very interested also. Have worked with some video poetry and video essays. Thanks for offering the session, Paul!

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